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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Carolyn’s Diary “Life at GVI Fiji” - Week 3

Mon 12th Sept - Thanks Sabrina!
One of the new volunteers, Sabrina,has sent across boxes of goodies for the kids at school. I spent the morning unpacking them, wishing I was a kid again - so many amazing games, toys, books and art materials - what a wonderful person to send all of this!

Tues 13th Sept
Another day on construction making a cement base. The hardest day so far - the sun was unrelenting and it was really tough. But with sheer determination we managed to finish it. After 10 minutes we turned back to admire our handy work to find a chicken had run across the wet cement, stamping it’s signature alongside ours.

Thurs 15th Sept
A day of 2 lunches for construction - one from the villagers and a second unexpected feast at church celebration attended by villagers from surrounding islands. It was a banquet of various different fish, octopus, cassava and great company. I think exercise may need to feature in my experience soon if we keep being fed like this!

Fri 16th Sept
A little excitement after breakfast today - news reached us of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Fiji so we had to ensure there was no tsunami heading our way. 10 minutes later we received the all clear and boarded the boats - now you don’t get that in the UK! At school I watched class 6 perform Justin Bieber ‘Baby Baby baby’ - they are such amazing singers... shame about the choice of song :) After lunch it was interesting to see the kids have an interest in dental hygiene, brushing their teeth in the sea. Might have to try that before I leave.

Sat 17th Sept
Over to the Blue Lagoon Resort for a weekend relaxing with a few volunteers. This really is paradise. I can’t believe they have hot water here and all I want is a cold shower. One of the volunteers ensured we did make a few friends by running out of the showers half clothed, attempting to escape from a MASSIVE spider. A few of us also had a go at basket weaving today, needless to say I won’t be giving up my day job.