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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Carolyn’s Diary “Life at GVI Fiji” - Week 2

Tue 6th - Wed 7th September
Yesterday we completed another concrete base in the village and today the construction team are working on base improvements. The team made a cage to store the fuel - it looked so good that the resident 2 year old, Junior, told his mum he wanted to sleep in there. A good days work.

Thurs 8th September
I went into Kindergarten this morning and was introduced to 15 very sweet but highly excitable under 5’s. My first experience with ‘teaching’ was very interesting - we did the alphabet, counting,, lots of singing, playing games and reading stories. After 3 hours I’m shattered - where does their energy come from? I’m rewarded with lots of goodbye hugs which is so worth it. The beach was picture perfect when we return so I donned a cozzie and went for a swim - so much nicer that the local swimming baths back home. Some of the volunteers are leaving tomorrow so in tradition a Kava session was instigated. What can I say? It’s an ‘interesting’ taste but the ceremony is very calming and great fun.

Friday 9th Sept
A few of us are off to another island for a weekend of relaxing and merriment - I love being in Fiji! The evening kicked off with a traditional dance performed by the local villagers, followed by a lovo which is when the food is cooked in an underground oven. Too much choice - chicken, lamb, pork - my plate is overflowing.