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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 6 at RMMS

It’s been a relatively quiet week at RMMS since there was no major event to prepare for at the weekend. On Monday we welcomed 3 new volunteers to the school. Lauren and Jane are in Class 5 and 6 respectively and Tanisha has taken on the Class 4 challenge. Everyone has settled in with ease and doing a great job!

There have been lots of art and crafts projects going on in school. In Class 1 Moira helped the kids make musical instruments to accompany Class 4 and 5’s rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’. It hasn’t all come together quite yet but practice makes perfect...

In Kindi the kids have been churning out all kinds of artistic master pieces. Caitlin and Lisa made the bold move to bring paint into the class room which was a huge success. The kids have also been proudly cruised around the field showing off the head dresses they made last week.

Keddy is extremely chuffed to have successfully taught class 8 'dramatic irony'. They’ve also been working on their vegetable garden this week, venturing into tomatoes. In the afternoons Keddy has been working with the Peace Corps volunteer to teach class 7 and 8 basic computer skills. All the pupils have completed an introduction to paint and have now moved onto basic skills for Miscrosoft word. The aim is to prepare the older kids for High School in the mainland where computers are more accessible.

Back on base the volunteers have been perfecting their volleyball skills and
on Friday everyone headed up to the decking with a cold beer in hand to watch the sunset over the ocean.... dreamy!