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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Raindrops Award

Have you drank rainwater? Installed a rainwater harvesting system? Seen the benefits of rainwater harvesting in action? Been somewhere where rain was the main drinking water source?

Construction and Expedition volunteers both past, present and future - there are less than two weeks left until the official deadline for the International Rainwater Harvesting Raindrops Award (photo competition). The association are looking for the best photographs of the advantages of rainwater harvesting.

Check out a direct link to the competition here:

Submit your photos and promote RWH!

Introduction to the Raindrops Award

'To date, 884 million people in the world have no regular access to clean water, and 2.6 billion individuals have no access to basic sanitation facilities. With the onset of climate change and the naturally unequal distribution of water on earth, rainwater harvesting is an alternate but effective way of increasing the availability of resources as well as reducing the risk of flooding. Rainwater harvesting can also decrease the impulsive and wasteful use of water by individuals and businesses alike. It has the double benefit of preserving natural resources while helping to mitigate against climate change.The International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance, the IRHA, ever concerned with highlighting the benefits of rainwater harvesting to the public, is launching the third edition of its international competition that links art to development. For the first time this competition will be the result of close collaboration between the IRHA and the very reputed Photojournale, with their “Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia project”.Through this competition we aim to make the public, too often insufficiently informed, aware of the various advantages that rainwater harvesting offers by providing sustainable access to water. It is in this context that the IRHA invites photographers,professional and amateur, to present their vision on the benefits that this celestial resource can have for both humans and nature.'