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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carolyn's Diary - Life at GVI Fiji - Week 6

Tues 4th Oct
A day working on camp improvements. Split into 2 teams we tore through the Base Managers ‘To Do’ list with no problems. A food delivery arrived, oh my goodness 25 boxes of food - woo hoo so exciting and so different to my normal trip to Tescos. The volunteer teachers tried to teach the kids at school the ‘Don’t stop believing’ song complete with dance moves. Someone videoed it so we all gathered round to watch it - it was so cute, the kids (and needless to say, the volunteers) were really getting into it.

Thurs 6th Oct
The weather gloomy today and everyone is sitting around quietly but tonight is party night to say goodbye to a couple of volunteers.... so it’s time to change into our homemade toga outfits. It starts pouring with rain but it by no means dampens the party atmosphere. The outfits are amazing - grass skirts, coconut bras, woven hats, the list goes on. A hearty meal is eaten and then the party begins.........

Sat 8th Oct
Can you believe it? We are all up and ready to leave base by 7am on a Saturday. Today is the Rugby 7’s which is being held at the school. Teams are coming from islands all around including the mainland which is 5 hours away to play rugby, volleyball and netball. The village we’ve been working in, Naisisili, is taking part so we are ready on the sidelines to cheer them on. Our team made it to the semi-finals which was fantastic. Some of the volunteers took part in the volleyball tournament but were a little dejected when they got dropped in favour of fijians. A slightly disappointing end to the day was England losing to France in the Rugby World Cup quarter finals... you can’t win them all!