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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Water Woes - Pacific-wide

Recent update from Pacific Institute of Public Policy

'Drought highlights climate change and water security challenge:

The drought that has hit Tuvalu, Tokelau and Samoa has highlighted the issue of water security and the changing weather patterns associated with climate change. Australia, New Zealand and the US have been working together to send emergency water supplies and desalination units to the worst affected areas. At the same time, there is renewed discussion on the longer term issues surrounding water capacity, including population pressures, resettlement and climate change.

Tuvalu has not had rain for almost six months, and is nearly wholly reliant on rainwater harvesting and desalination. Most water is collected through household water tanks, which generally only meet drinking and cooking needs. A relatively small desalination plant and limited public catchments provide additional supply. Groundwater, where available is largely contaminated, and in periods of low rainfall becomes even more saline. The government is working with a number of international donors on water programs, yet concerns remain about securing this fundamental resource.'

Further confirmation of the ongoing validity of our programs here in Fiji. With the climate changing it is getting harder and harder to preempt droughts and even the dry season itself. The Pacific is becoming a specific focus for Climate Change vulnerability studies as a result.