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Monday, April 30, 2012

A week on marine by Kurt

Monday morning was a bright morning, and the first day for Amy and Amy to start diving! Yes, two times the same name on the marine board caused some confusion, but we sorted it out.  A lovely day passed, "magic" Ron was busy fixing the compressor, the generator and doing the Open Water Course whilst Tai, Candice, Viktor and I went for point out dives. Lots of fish with funny names?

On Tuesday Candice and Tai went to a FLMMA workshop, so it was a day of studying diving theory for  the Amys and fish recognition training for Victor and I follwed by fish point out at Cabbage Patch... I like that place!!
Wednesday should have started with a lovely fun dive at Cabbage Patch but heavy current drove us away from the reef while we descended and we struggled to get back. Eddie, the skipper was highly amused when he picked us up so far away from our dive site. But every dive is a fundive, right? 

Thursday started according to plan B - while the workshop was still going on, Charlotte, Victor and I picked up Howard at Blue Lagoon Resort and we had an amazing time under water. After a little break at the restaurant (Earl Grey with lemon is my recommendation folks!) and a nice chat about marine bases we went out to the Cathedral. It did not disappoint and we saw every species on the fish list. :-) Wow, what a place! Meanwhile Openwater 1 was going pretty well, the two Amys proved to be ambitious divers and mastered every challenging skill they were confronted by Ron.

Friday was an early start again with two point out dives before lunch. After the dives Amy 2 started Openwater training with Ron. Viktor and myself had Friday afternoon detentions: Studying and Fish Test. But - according to Candice - "we did good". So we have been dismissed and headed forward to a lovely weekend on our little Island.

Highlight of the week - Eddie is about to finish his Openwater 1. We wanted to start a party, but there are some skills yet to do.

Bula from Nanuja Lai Lai!