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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Colour Wheel Workshop – Classes 1-4

The aim of the workshop was to introduce basic colour theory, including primary and secondary colours, as well as a simple colour wheel.

We began the workshop by telling a simple story about the ‘Colour Kingdom’ and the three ‘Primary Kings’ that created all the colours in the land. Three pupils came forward to represent the Red King, the Blue King and the Yellow King. With a little help from the volunteers the pupils used paint to demonstrate to the rest of the group how the primary colours are used to create the secondary colours.

The pupils were then able to have a go at mixing orange, green and purple for themselves. We laid out some huge pieces of print paper and the children used various objects to experiment with colour and mark making. We were slightly apprehensive about the potential for chaos but the paint stayed predominantly on the paper which was a pleasant surprise.

In preparation for the workshop we had asked pupils to collect items from their homes and classrooms that represented different colours in the colour wheel. To conclude the lesson we asked the pupils to come forward and position their items in the colour wheel.