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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Construction moves to Vuaki...

Although considerably depleted following the exit of the two-month volunteers a few weeks ago, the construction team shaped up to be one of the most productive...

Under the instruction of our new construction team leader, Ben, our tiny team of 3 was able to complete the guttering on 3 different houses and build no less than 3 different concrete bases in as many days, at the beautiful village of Navotua. The achievement would not have been possible without the help if the amazing villagers who worked with us in the blazing sun, making our experiences in the community even more special.

In the week that followed, with our most recent influx of volunteers, we were able to install down pipes to existing tanks using an unconventional method of chiselling out holes, in the absence of a working drill. After 3 days of completing installations and site assessments at the new village, Vuaki, the rain came. Bad news for the enthusiastic volunteers, brilliant new for those houses with 10,000 litre water tanks filling to the brim with fresh water. Moving into the dry season this is job well done in a successful month of construction.