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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My First Day at School...

Today was my first day at Ratu Meli Memorial School. I was so excited last night that I woke up before sunrise this morning and sat on the beach watching the bright sun rise on the red horizon I began to think about the day I had ahead of me. After an exciting boat ride where we weaved in and out of the tropical waters of the Blue Lagoon we got to our school setting. I was greeted by a chorus of voices, all in tune to the same beautiful song, and rising up in unison from one of the eight classrooms on site. Our group of volunteers gathered at assembly and the students greeted us one by one as we greeted them as well. After the mornings announcements were read lessons began and everyone split into their respective classrooms with their respective teachers. As I got myself settled at school I noticed that the teachers were especially forthcoming with information and teaching ressources. The students seemed excited to be back at school and were smiling and replying the customary, "Bula" that is chorused everywhere. 
After lessons in the morning everyone broke off for lunch and shouts of children filled the fields as they played sports and enjoyed their free time. All the volunteers gathered and we debriefed talking about what everyone had been busy with all morning. There was a great feeling of companionship as everyone shared similar emotions brought about by the mornings lessons. When the bell rang again it was time to head back to class. The afternoon was, again, divided by class but a portion saw the classes combined when working in the vegetale gardens GVI had recently installed. These patches were designed to teach the students trust, leadership, and responsability while giving them concrete ideals of nutrition and growth. The patches also serve conveniently for the student lunches provided on the grounds. This particular afternoon in the garden saw two classes devoted to weeding, watering, and clearing the area for another patch to be put in. Everyone was enthusiastic and worked hard until the very last bell sending both volunteers and students home from a successful day at school. Overall, the day was busy and exciting and although I don't think I've ever said this about school; I truly cannot wait until I can return tomorrow!

Hayley - Community Scholar