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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A week on the Construction Project

After a frustratingly stormy last week, this week has been a busy one for the construction team. We started bright and early on a beautiful Fijian Monday morning with heading over to Matacawalevu to install a water tank and attach a down pipe to the guttering previous GVI volunteers had installed. Finished in time for cookies and tea, we headed back to Enedala to fix the guttering on Grandma’s house. Although lots of hard work and with boiling hot weather, the spectacular views from the top of the hill certainly made up for it!

On Tuesday it was time to install another water tank, this time further from Base in the gorgeous village of Navotua. After a long and slightly precarious boat journey carrying the tank, we installed the tank by the head teacher’s house and fixed the guttering on it that had been ripped off by the cyclone. We also completed a concrete base by the prep school; all ready for another water tank to be installed soon. More guttering happened on Wednesday, this time in Vuaki village, to the eerie sound of loudly mooing cows. This guttering was on the village hall and we connected it up to an enormous, government-installed water tank.

After a busy beginning to the week, on Thursday we made shelves for the base office and did some weeding and planting of eggplants and pumpkins in the vegetable garden on base – hot and tiring work that left us covered in mosquito bites – definitely time for a swim! For Friday we went to work with the education team, painting the newly constructed composting toilets and building some more vegetable gardens to teach the students about agriculture and a healthy diet. Although hot, it has been a fun and constructive week on the construction team!

Sophie - 8 week Expedition Volunteer