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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Marine Intern Diary

Well it's my 12th week here in the Yasawa's as a Marine Intern and I can honestly say it has been the best 3 months of my life. In a weeks time, me and my fellow interns will begin our 3 month placements.

So for the past month, the marine team have continued our hard, but fun work of surveying the breathtaking coral reefs that surround our island and beyond. This is all done to help achieve our goal of establishing marine protected areas so that local communities sustainably utilize their marine resources. In between surveys we have also been training up our new team members so they can master their surveying and diving skills. But of course it's not just hard work and no play - we always treat ourselves to a fun dive!! The ultimate of these would have to be a site called 'Cathedral'. One word to describe this place - 'SHARKS'!!!! I gotta tell you, having two 3 metre bull sharks come within a few metres of you is adrenalin pumping! However, a calm energy also comes with these beautiful creatures; and not at one point were any of us scared. Not only are there bull sharks, but we also shared this dive with an array of reef sharks, lemon sharks, and hundreds of fish which sometimes obscure your vision with their sheer numbers.

We have also been visiting the two schools in our island group - Ratu Meli and Vuaki. On Wednesdays we deliver a two hour lesson to these beautiful kids which is always great fun. Last week our lesson plan was based on sea turtles and the best thing is the realization that you have actually taught them something valuable.

The 3 interns currently on base - Phoebe, Kate and myself have been taking on staff roles such as being base manager for a day, joining staff meetings, and being a part of the daily planning and logistics. These roles in particular are so rewarding when you sit back a see all three projects running efficiently.
Apart from work, there are other things that make this whole experience so incredible. The friendships you make here are like no other. The only bad thing about this place is when people leave. I've made lifelong friends, which I never thought would happen before I came here in June. And after a hard week of work, who doesn't enjoy a few drinks, loud music and dancing?? There is definitely a great balance of work and play!

To put all of my amazing experiences in this blog would probably cause the website to crash; so I guess I'll end it with sega na lega!!!! (It means no worries!)

Jacson Warner