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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GVI Fiji supports 'Debris Action Month'

This week our Tovuto Base saw a huge collaboration from all of our projects who joined forces to get involved in our ‘Go Green –Beach Clean’, as part of Debris Action Month, linked through Project AWARE.

Debris Action of the Month is a ‘month long rally to inspire underwater action’ and so naturally we wanted to get involved, creating our own marine action event against the oceans biggest killer. The Marine Project Leaders and volunteers put their heads together with the Education and Construction team to plan a 2 day awareness beach clean event alongside the local communities here in the Yasawas.

We chose two local villages for the beach clean, Naisisili and Nacula, both on the island opposite our base. The objective of the day was to not only clean the area of unwanted debris such as plastics, cigarette butts and countless other items, but to create awareness with the youth to teach them about the disposal of their rubbish.

The day started at the School Holiday Club, with GVI volunteers gathering up the children of the village for them to join in on the extra-curricular fun that was about to start. In no time at all we were joined by an entourage of kids to help us in our mission!

But before we could start the day there was much needed accessorising to be done. Volunteers armed with face paint, masks, glitter, colouring pens, ribbon and painted pasta shells for necklaces created a colourful start to our day and got the children excited about taking part. Each group was then allocated a category of rubbish (plastic, metal, tin) and armed with large rubbish sacks, to then set off to get the beach clean!

Afterwards the rubbish was taken back to the village community hall where Esava, our Fijian Agricultural Expert, went through all of the types of rubbish found on the beach. We discussed the right ways to dispose of the waste and what damage it can do to the ocean. Always bringing home the important message of the three R’s:
-         Reuse
-         Reduce
-         Recycle

The beaches now not only look cleaner, but hopefully from the awareness sessions that took place they will remain cleaner for longer. This is one of the many Awareness Programs that our projects have run here in Fiji, and it most certainly won’t be the last.

GVI are also ‘Go-ing Green’ across the UK, with ex-volunteers and staff painting themselves green for presentations at schools and university events, as well as for wacky Flash Mobs and most importantly when participating in their own beach cleans. So if you’re in the UK get involved with GVI and Go Green! Find out more by checking out the events section on our website.

“PROTECT all the Islands, CONSERVE both land and sea, PRESERVE the irreplaceable, Sustainably manage these!”