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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Moon Reef Survey

 Last week Candice, GVI Marine Science Coordinator, Dan, Country Director, and Howard, South Pacific Projects Director, volunteered to carry out intial biodiversity surveys of Moon Reef in Dawasamu, home to the Spinner Dolphins and our project. In addition to surveying the site, marking GPS points, and installing marker buoys on the sea bed, the team helped to train two local divers in Benthic Identification and survey techniques. The project was funded by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) and part of the overall initiative to protect Moon Reef through local community support.

 The team will be returning to the site to conduct further surveys around the entire circumference of Moon Reef and to continue training local divers in Survey techniques and ID. Worryingly there has been a growing number of Crown of Thorn Starfish sighted in the area at infestation levels. GVI and SPP will be looking into the possibilities of a mass eradication project later this year.
                                           Crown of Thorns

                                          Eroni and Candice on a point out snorkel

                                          Local Diver Eroni en route to Moon Reef