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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GVI becomes a member of the FLMMA network!

Marine Protected Area Survey 

On the 8th of May during the executive FLMMA meeting, GVI Fiji's application to join the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Protected Area Network (FLMMA ) was accepted by the executive board and confirmed by vote. This decision was heavily informed by a recent visit to the Yasawas when FLMMA representative had the opportunity to visit our base, inspect our operations, and speak to our marine team. Candice and Tai did an excellent job presenting the program and interacting with representatives and locals at the Nacula Workshop. As members of the FLMMA network, our marine conservation program will benefit by the methodologies and support of the national network of protected areas. In turn, GVI will also host FLMMA operations in the Yasawas and provide data. LMMA's (locally managed MPA network) is the largest and most respected network and guiding forum for MPA's in the Pacific. Joining this network as a member is a huge achievement that will have lasting and important affects on the effectiveness and impact of our conservation related efforts in the Yasawas.