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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First week in Navotua

This past week has been GVI’s first week in Navotua with a new school that has only recently opened. Our first day started with a heavy mix of enthusiasm and nerves however, after Katie, Himasha and I met our classes, we were all looking forward to getting in front of the blackboard! The first day went well with everyone having a great day all-round teaching and getting to know the kids. Tuesday and Wednesday proved to be the cherry on top of the cake for coming to Navotua as we were presented with two breathtaking Fijian meals by the locals with crab, lobster and fried fish all making an appearance on the menu (all was consumed, not a scrap was left.) We had plenty of energy for the afternoon session.

After our days of fine dining we were then faced with two days of afternoon activites. On Thursday we lead arts and crafts in which the kids decided that we should make crowns (needless to say my class’ crowns were far better than my own). This was swiftly followed by a great game of football with both teachers and students getting stuck in. Friday was a great last day to the week with lessons going well and fun being had. The day concluded with a swimming lesson led by Mr.Aquila. The kids had great fun whilst us staff were left exhausted after the kids decided a teacher’s race was needed. A great first week in Navotua! We’re all looking forward to returning next week.