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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bek's Marine Blog

It turns out 4 weeks wasn’t enough time in Fiji with GVI, so I’ve extended by a week! It’s been an excellent decision as I’ve been able to welcome Charlotte to the marine team, but unfortunately Matt and Iain left last week as they completed their project time – we miss you guys!
My days recently have been filled with survey dives and a few ‘fun’ dives. Charlotte is completing her PADI Advanced Open Water with Ron, our resident instructor and today we went to ‘Cabbage Patch’, a dive site not far from base with huge hard corals that look, funnily enough, like a cabbage patch! Stunning fish life, a gorgeous Nurse Shark resting in a small alcove, and the usual beautiful tropical fish and soft corals. With the sun shining through the crystal clear water, there is truly no place I would rather be.
Last weekend I joined a local dive operation for their weekly shark dive, which is a 20 min boat ride out from base. And it did not disappoint! Feeding, not 30ft from us, were Lemon Sharks, White Tips, Black Tips, Grey Reef and some very impressive Bull Sharks. The Bulls tipped the balance as my favourite...they are big, thick and extremely impressive!
My time at GVI Fiji is coming to a close, and I can honestly say that I wish I had even longer. I’ve met some amazing GVI leaders and inspiring volunteers, and to be able to work in such a beautiful spot has been phenomenal.
Huge and sincere thanks to everyone involved in this project...perhaps I’ll be back?!
Happy Bubbles!