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Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 8 & 9 at RMMS

School has been unusually quiet for the last 2 weeks because everyone has been revising hard for exams. They were scheduled to start in week 9 but due to the mysterious disappearance of the headmaster they have been postponed until next week.

The volunteers have been taking pupils out of all the classes to teach them on a one-to-one basis in order to evaluate their abilities in numeracy and literacy. This has enable us to identify those pupils who will require more regular help. In the future there will be one volunteer dedicated to teaching the pupils who need extra support.

Last Wednesday everyone from Education and Construction stayed on base for ‘Operation save the Bures’. We had some unusually high spring tides this week which made a valiant effort at sweeping away 3 of our bures (fijian house). We all teamed up to rescue the bures from their fate by building an epic stone wall to protect them from the rising sea. It was a tough day but everyone did an awesome job and the wall is still holding up.

Last week was also Diwali which is a public holiday in Fiji. We celebrated in the traditional Tovuto way by throwing a party. A special mention to Lisa and Caitlin who hosted some excellent party games... everyone knows each other so much better now!

Construction were able to spend 2 days painting the dorms last week so we are getting close to completion. It’s taken longer than we anticipated because they needed so much work but it will be worth it in the end.

Sadly we said a lot of goodbyes this week with the departure of Lauren, Laura, Tanisha and Jane from Education as well as Caz from Construction. At school the pupils said farewell in the traditional way, lavishing the volunteers with cake and jewellery.