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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 10 & 11 at RMMS

Week 10 at RMMS marked the start of exams for the students and the arrival of a fresh new batch of volunteers. Alice joined Class 2, Tom headed to Class 3, Hana to Class 6 and Cat started the individual reading programme. The volunteers wasted no time in getting to know their students and becoming accustom to the Ratu Meli way of life.

Preparations are humming along nicely for the end of year concert, with each class working on songs and dance routines. Keddy and Amy have been working particularly hard with Classes 7 and 8 on their dance for Party Rock Anthem – it promises to be spectacular. Class 1 and 2 have also mastered Hakuna Matata beautifully.

The kids have relished the opportunity to relax a bit and enjoy the weather following the gruelling week of exams! There has been plenty of sport, with the Volunteer vs. Student rugby games, volleyball, soccer and a few chances for a refreshing swim at the beach. The pupils have also indulged in their creative sides with lots of arts and craft projects.
Back at base it has been cake crazy with four birthdays – Moira, Tamu, Hana and Junior. We also said farewell to Lenny (our first 12 weeker), Lisa, Caitlin, Hana, Catherine and Gavin - you will be missed! The volunteers have been spoilt with plenty of great food and parties.