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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rescue, Water Tanks and Goodbyes

This week has been a week of screaming, drowning, dragging and fun during the practical side of the rescue diver course. The Marine team interns had to act out different scenarios and see who you want to be your rescuer when you’re really in trouble, and who you want to stay away! The rest of the Marine team have been busy surveying the Matacawa Levu dive sites, carrying out their LIT and IBT surveys for us to feed back to the village. It’s also been a busy week for fish identifications, learning all 63 species on GVI’s targeted list has caused a lot of hair to be pulled out, but everyone’s getting there and progressing surprisingly well with the underwater point outs! The team also got to dive Cathedral causing massive excitement with the promise of seeing white tips, black tips, silvertips, eels, rays, and lemon sharks. And we weren’t disappointed; the abundance of sharks was a great end to some of the volunteer’s final days on base.

The construction team has had a productive week of installing rainwater harvesting systems Nacula village and getting very well fed by the locals, much to the envy of the other projects! All in all a great week on base, yet more beautiful sunsets with clear skies, calm waters (ish) and a great team to share it with. However, it has also been a sad week, with many of the longer term volunteer’s leaving, they will be missed but they should be proud of the great work they’ve achieved in the past months.