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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our classes at Ratu Meli Memorial School

We are in week 12 now so term one is nearly finished. Most tasks and CBAs are all completed. Class one has learnt about the letters A-Z and started reading. They learned about the nurse, the doctor and the safety rules on the road. Also they like to sing the song “I am a music man” and “old Mc Donald.” Every morning we start to “read” the rhymes “humpty dumpty”, “twinkle twinkle”, “georgie porgie” and “pat a cake.”
Class two likes to write and draw stories. They often do group activities. Unfortunately their volunteer changed 4 times now in term one, but still you can see a big improvement. In mathematics they work very hard. In Art and Craft they used empty toilet roles in order to create bees.
Class three, our smallest one, is very enthusiastic. In P.E. they often play rugby and soccer. This is obvious because there are eight boys and one girl. In Art and Crafts they made very funny animal masks before they did face painting. It was a lot of fun. In their music lessons they often do rhythm games.
Class four, our biggest one (23 students) work very hard. They do lots of reading and spelling. Once a week they have a library lesson. They visit the school library, chose a book and try to read it out loud.

The upper classes also have some computer lessons. Typing and working with computers is very important, especially for the students they’ll go to high school on the mainland. The high schools expect them to be able to work with computers.
For Easter every class created something to decorate the hall. Class one drew some Easter eggs, class seven and eight made some paper chains, class four drew rabbits and butterflies. Also, some students performed a drama about the Christian Easter story.
Every second Tuesday, the volunteers take the classes for extra curricular after three o’clock. From three to four o’clock we do puzzles, paintings, drawings, games and sing and dance together with the students. During the last 4 weeks we used these lessons in order to practice a flashmob. A flashmob is a kind of dance with many people. One group starts and with the time more and more groups join the dance. They really liked it. Last Friday as the students heard the music they ran out their classrooms and started dancing. Owen sat on the roof of the school in order to record it.

By Steffi Adam (10 week Education Volunteer)