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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life at sea on the Honour Fiji Journey!

Check out a recent testimonial from one of last year's volunteers on the Honour Fiji Sailing Adventure

Being on Alvei was a dream come true! You cannot find a more authentic way to live the life of sailor from many centuries ago. Even if sometimes it can be pretty hard, it’s totally worth it and makes it even more real. A great experience thanks to Evan, the Captain, for letting us share his world!
During my second time crewing the Alevi, I had the chance to participate in the Honour Fiji Journey. I will always cherish those memories of us anchoring in the small islands of Fiji, welcomed by the whole village, the Kava ceremony, flowers and huge feast. Knowing that we were there, not just as tourists, but to help and share the life of the villagers, made the whole experience unique.  

The best things for me were all the chances that I had to work with the local nurses, learning and exchanging knowledge with them, as well as sharing those 5 weeks with our Fijian crew, our new friends for life, who made us part of their life and families.

Kim Danielle Noiseux, Canada