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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Charitable Trust Swimming Challenge

We’re all taking the challenge of swimming round the Island of Nanuya LaiLai to raise additional funds for the Marine/Education/Construction projects here in Fiji – check it out here:

Here on Nanuya LaiLai, we have 3 GVI Volunteering projects, all working to assist the villages in the Yasawas in the creation of sustainable infrastructure through water security, education support, and resource management/conservation. And through these projects we always have a bunch of extremely eager and extremely passionate volunteers to help us out!

And as if being out here in the South Pacific working on our Marine Conservation project; collating crucial scientific data to set up locally run Marine Protected Areas, our Education project; providing constant support and enrichment to the students of Ratu Meli Memorial School, to our Construction program; working on agricultural initiatives and Rainwater Harvesting Tanks across the islands, they wanted to do just a little bit more! That’s how much they care.

So our wonderful group of volunteers, and of course staff, here on Tovuto Base, decided to do a rather lengthy 6-8k swim all the way around our island to raise additional funds for our programs in Fiji. It’s going to be a serious challenge, with checkpoints and hydration stops, a kayak patrol and boats to monitor the swimmers. And you can encourage them too, and their cause, to make it round this sizable challenge, all by the click of a button and to show your support for the important work that is being carried out by GVI. 

Ratu Meli Memorial School:Crucial Resources and School Maintenance.
Our aim is to ensure that the facilities at Ratu Meli Memorial School are safe and functional. In doing so we hope build a child-friendly environment for the pupils to live and learn in. We endeavor to make the school a place that the teachers and pupils can be proud of.
 With the help of funds raised through our charitable trust we are hoping to complete long overdue refurbishments at Ratu Meli Memorial School, attended by 126 pupils aged 5-14.                     

Construction: Water and Agricultural Initiatives
Our efforts are continuing in the installation of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in the villages across the Yaswas; this area suffers massively with drought and by providing the villages with enough tanks we can provide them with not only safe and quality drinking water, but a sustainable initiative that can be maintained for generations. Efforts in the introduction of mixed farming methods for the School and villages are on-going, allowing them to grow a range of vegetables and fruit which have never been successfully grown before, giving them a much needed balanced diet.  

Marine: Marine Awareness Workshops 
Marine awareness is crucial in the mission to set up locally run Marine Protected Areas within the villages of the Yasawas. With the ongoing implementation of these awareness sessions we can hope that once set up, these MPAs will be managed responsibly by designated Fish Wardens within the local community, creating a sustainably fished area.

Thank you for reading this, and we will appreciate any bit of support you show! And stay tuned for our post-challenge updates so you see how well we did…

Bula Vinaka,
GVI Fiji