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Thursday, October 25, 2012

An evacuation with a view

One of our interns, Xavier, tested an Emergency Action plan for part of his Health and Safety Duties on base this week. He had the choice between a range of potential scenario's, but he decided the one he wanted to do was a Tsunami warning. Tsunami's here are extremely unlikely but we have to be prepared for any eventuality! So he excitedly prepped the staff, and recruited two of his eager fellow interns to help create a 'real life' drama for the volunteers on base. Everyone was suspicious because we had informed them the previous evening to keep their eyes and ears peeled for any potential emergencies we might throw at them, but at 3.30pm we think we still surprised them. Everyone was rounded up in our evacuation meeting point, where a roll call was completed to make sure we had everyone, and then we trekked up to the deck, the highest point on our island!! All the volunteers were happy (ish) to stop what they were doing and run up to the deck!!! But everyone survived, acted amazingly, and so as a treat we all had a lovely dinner on the deck with a beer watching the sunset over the beautiful landscapes of our home in the Yasawa Islands. Not a bad place to be :)