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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New GVI room at RMMS

In the last few months we have converted a room previously used for storing broken chairs and desks into a work and storage space for GVI volunteers at RMMS.


With the help of the construction team we began by emptying the storeroom, which as you can see in the photograph above was no mean feat. We were able to salvage and repair a number of desks and chairs that are now back in the classrooms.  After a coat of paint and a thorough clean the room was unrecognizable. The construction leader Ben and his team of volunteers then tiled the floor and constructed shelves and a desk.

This new space is now used for storing all the school resources we have accumulated over the last year, including art and crafts materials, books, sports equipment, musical instruments and stationary. 

Not only does this room offer a secure storage space but it has also enabled us to make the resources more accessible for the volunteers to use with their pupils on a daily basis. Previously all resources were stored back on our base but now volunteers no longer need to transport materials backwards and forwards by boat each day. Volunteers and staff will also be using the room as a workspace for lesson planning, writing student reports, providing one-on-one tuition and teaching computer studies.

It’s fair to say that the education team is delighted with their new room and it is already making a huge difference to our daily operations at RMMS.

End Result

Storage space