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Saturday, June 30, 2012

GVI Fiji 1 Year Anniversary

This time last year the first ever GVI Fiji volunteers arrived on Tovuto base for the launch of our Yasawa Programs. Now, 1 year later, the construction team have increased water capacity across 6 villages, the education project has provided support and enrichment to the teachers and students of RMMS for a full year, and our new marine conservation program is busily collecting data, spreading conservation awareness, and working towards a confirmed and enforced MPA by the end of 2012. Last weekend, local villagers, chiefs, teachers, and the entire local settlement joined us on base for an official ceremony and banquet to celebrate our ongoing relationship with the villagers and villages of the Northern Yasawas. High Chief of the Yasawas, Ratu Epeli gave a speech in which he thanked GVI for the ongoing commitment to the schools and communities of the region. The men of Enedola settlement prepared a massive 'lovo', underground oven' and over 85 people feasted on pig, chicken, root vegetables, various salads , and fruit. GVI provided 8 kilos of Kava for a session that lasted long into the early hours. Sara our new base manager arrived on base on the day of the party and was welcomed by the traditions and rituals of the islands. A unique first day! On sunday a second kava session was held to thank the ladies of the community for their help in decorating, cooking, and preparing the party. We hope you enjoy the photos below.
Bula Time!
Tai Collects Palm Fronds for weaving
SK and Katie prepping dishes with the ladies of Enedola
             Vinka, Tai, and Villi unearthing the Lovo
                    The men remove the hot palm wrapped parcels
                        The food is placed on tin sheets to cool
                                   SK loaded with cameras!
                               Ladies and volunteers preparing the feast
                            Villagers gather for Ratu Epeli's welcome speech
                                   Kava time!
                             Ladies relax after the meal
                                    Kava flows till 2am
                                     The elders of Enedola
                                           Anniversary Buffet
                                        Dan and Ratu Epeli
                                        Tovuto base from the seaplane
                                              Volunteers pose in their bula gear