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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meet the new staff....

Taione Vakamoce Delai - Marine Research Officer
Tai is a Fijian citizen. He has been working in marine conservation since 2004 with P.C.D.F, a local Fijian NGO. For the last three years he has worked with Blue Ventures and South Pacific Projects as a community liason and marine research officer/ Divemaster.

His key objective whilst working with GVI is for the community to have a sustainable management plan for their marine protected areas. He really enjoys working with volunteers, teaching them and especially getting to know them. He also likes mantis shrimps.

Jacqueline Wigglesworth – Community Development
Jacqueline has always had a passion for travel and giving back. She’s been to over 70 countries and worked on 6 continents. Jobs have included leading a ‘Book Bus’ for children in Africa, leading expeditions in South America and teaching Yoga worldwide. She has a BA Hons in English and Drama from Exeter University and has previously worked for GVI teaching English and sustainable development in Tulum- Mexico and in the Amazon. She’s delighted to be a part of the Fiji team working on the education, construction, and marine projects. Jacqueline is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and is working on making a documentary. She loves dolphins, sports, anthropology and general sillyness.

Candice Brittain – Marine Science Coordinator
Candice has always had a passion for the marine world and first experienced the delights of the South Pacific volunteering on a marine project in Fiji. After completing her studies at university Candice gained research experience in The Bahamas, South Africa and Fiji. Candice is an avid diver, loves to travel and hates rice!

(FYI photo not taken in Fiji)

Ron Pinder - Dive Instructor
Ron has made a successful escape from cubical land and a life as a government IT consultant to GVI's dive instructor in Fiji. He started diving in 2000 and became a Dive Master in 2007 and Instructor in 2009. Most of his dives have been in the cold Canadian fresh waters of the Great Lakes and St Lawrence River where the visibility is low and currents are high.

In 2008 he joined GVI's Mahaual Marine Expedition in Punta Gruesa and it opened his eyes to a new world. Since then he's been to GVI programs in Laos, Thailand and Guatemala and worked as a GVI Ambassador.

Ron's never been too good at colouring inside the lines. His past passions and persuits range from skydiving to motocross and more recently a scuba instructor for the disabled. One of his favourite sayings goes like this, "Its not the years in your life that matter, its the life in your years. So what are you waiting for?"