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Friday, December 9, 2011

Government and Local headmen Back Marine Conservation Intiative

The GVI Team and Government Ministers

Poni Nakia, Provisional Officer, presents GVI proposal to initiate a Marine Research program in support of the development and implementation of local marine protected areas
Commissioner of Western Division, Roko Tui, and Provincial Spokesman at Takina Nacula Meeting

Howard Foster, Managing director of South Pacific Projects, shows Provincial Officer, Poni Nakia maps of local Marine Protected Areas
GVI, South Pacific Projects, The Yasawa Trust Foundation, and Local Government discussing new Marine Research Program.

Last week, in Malakati Village, 50 members of local and national government sat down to discuss the current state of affairs in the kingdom of Nacula. During this meeting GVI was introduced to government officials, who after hearing each headman discuss the work GVI has carried out in their villages, thanked GVI staff personally for the ongoing support and all heads nodded and murmured approval. To have such direct access to the minds behind government decision making and community development is incredible. Elle Nimacere, of the Yasawa Trust, was given the floor and provided a full presentation on our initiatives, goals, and ongoing achievements.

During this annual general meeting our Marine Conservation Program was introduced and met with overwhelming support from both government officials and local headmen.

Whilst the meeting continued, GVI volunteers unloaded 4 5,200 litre tanks from the government ship, transported over from the mainland by the government on behalf of The Yasawa Trust. Tanks rolled by the windows of the community hall as we discussed the work that was happening right outside. By coincidence, the Education Program's holiday school was also running in the village this same day. Just by chance our initiatives had ended up in the same village at the same time while this meeting was being held, some things happen for a reason!

The result was extremely positive as the Ministers and the Head Commissioner himself as well as Journalists from the Fiji Sun, had the chance to see GVI in action.