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Friday, July 29, 2011

Reports From the Field: Laura

Initially apprehensive regarding spending 4 weeks with unfamiliar faces any nervousness soon dissipated once I arrived on base. The project leaders created a supportive and homely basecamp. It soon became my home away from home despite having to adjust to not having hot running water and living on a ‘vegetarian diet’. I chose to work with the older pupils at the school as I enjoy the rewards of interacting closely with that age group. Class 6 and Mr Nabuli were very welcoming and I have formed a close bond with everyone. The last four weeks have been lived in paradise, and I am most definitely reluctant to depart. I have already started planning my return in the next couple of months. We kidnapped a kitten from the school, in order to save her as she was orphaned at a very young age. We named her ‘Hibiscus’, after the flower and are fattening her up with lots of food and milk. The rain here is incredible, it suddenly pours down and then it’s over in the next instant, sounds awesome on top of the roof though. The villagers are more than welcoming, and it has been a great pleasure to live with Lice and Terri and their families, especially because of the chocolate and massages!! I am going to miss the place so much and I cannot wait for my return in the near future.