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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome Penny!

Bula! When people tell you that this is the must know word in Fiji they aren’t kidding. Walking through the streets of Nadi you’re met by this greeting and a lovely smile, it’s hard not to reciprocate the warm welcome that is offered by the Fijians. It makes me look forward to the getting into the villages and experiencing Fiji as a part of a community.

It is difficult not to get excited about this new program in Fiji when Leti and Dan have been so passionately working on it to ensure the best for the villages and the volunteers. Their lists of jobs have been endless and I’ve been very appreciative of the time they have spared to get my training going in GVI. Every morning we have a powwow to check what has been done and what needs to be finished. It is really amazing to see how far they have come in such a small time and the relationships that they have forged within Fiji.

I have been made welcome by all in the house, especially Tonic whose favourite occupation is to take off with Dan’s flip flops (I think he is on to pair 6) and do laps around the house. It is probably a good thing that I’ve come from a big dog loving family back in Melbourne (Australia) as Tonic’s main aim is to see who she can get to pat her. Be warned, once the patting starts the following around begins!!

I will admit to being very curious how the village school is run as my background is in education (with other varying work experience thrown in) but my job here with GVI is a field staff member, which is fantastic as I’ll get to experience everything, not just the education side of things. Some may think I’m nuts that I want to join in and be a part of a team that installs a water tank in what would be considered as ‘summer time’ to most (here in Fiji it’s winter!!) BUT when you see the importance of such a simple thing we all take for granted it is worth every bit of dirt, sweat and blisters.

We’ll be heading for the Tovuto Base in the next couple of days to do the last of our preparation there before our volunteers arrive on the 18th June!! It will be great to see the place as the pictures of it look majestic. I know that I’m going to be snap happy with my camera and will make sure that you all get to see just what a magic place Fiji is.

Moce from Fiji.

Penny Adam

GVI Fiji Field Staff