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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Rainwater Construction Trial- A 10,000litre success!

On April 12th the GVI and Yasawa Trust team headed up to Nacula village to construct a rainwater harvesting system and test out our methods and materials. Over the period of two days we were able to increase Nacula village’s water holding capacity by 10,000 litres! The ten thousand litre tank was connected to a church roof with nearly 30 metres of guttering and installed on a cement base. The team was assisted by Blake Morrison of Windsway Construction and a crew of able-bodied villagers. The team broke up into groups and before long the church yard was transformed into a construction site- some crew members were digging, others nailing up brackets from the church roof, cutting re-bar with hacksaws, mixing cement, and sawing planks. On the last afternoon, when the tank was rolled into position and plumbing connected, the villagers cheered before ushering the team to sit down for tea. A speech was given thanking The Yasawa Trust and GVI for the gift of water – Wai Ni Bula – ‘water for life’. A day later the rain came and Leti watched as children opened the tap and fresh water came rushing out. The trial was a huge success and we are now ready to start making this happen on a large scale. The more tanks the better as the dry season approaches!